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The scariest thought I had while being away from my love was about the likelihood of separation for good, due to the lack of a physical connection. And for good reason, the more we feel alone, the more this need is felt in every cell of our body. Without forgetting that you develop different lives in your cities. You make friends in your neighborhood and you have sometimes opposite experiences. It’s hard to keep a sense of closeness in a long-distance relationship, and the lack of sex doesn’t help! That is why getting answers about ‘online’ intimacy is a lifeline for a drifting long-distance relationship. The possibility of seeing the face of his / her partner, of having the chance to feel what the other feels in such an intimate way indeed pushes you to reconnect on a deeper level, despite the miles. We are fortunate to live today in a world where we have something faster and more powerful than postal mail: high technology. The Internet, applications and innovations bring us together. So, in this article, you will find out five excellent Lovense connected sex toys (Max and Nora, Hush, Ambi and Lush) that can help you spice up your long-distance relationship.
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  • 1) Lovense Max and Nora test
    • Lovense Max review
    • Lovense Nora review
    • Synchronize the two sex toys with the Lovense Body Chat application
  • 2) Lovense Lush test
  • 3) Lovense Hush test
  • 4) Lovense Ambi test
    • Synchronize Lush, Hush or Ambi with the Lovense Remote app
  • Conclusion of the Lovense test

1) Lovense Max and Nora test

Lovense Max review

lovense testFirst things first: all Lovense products are packaged in sturdy, discreet cardboard boxes. After unpacking the Max, you will find in your box: the masturbator for men, a USB charging cable, the user manual and a Bluetooth dongle. What makes the Max extraordinary compared to other sex toys for men is that it has a Bluetooth chip. Thanks to this, it can be paired with the Body Chat app which works with iOS, Android, Mac and PC. In case your laptop does not have Bluetooth, you can use the Bluetooth dongle included in the box. Once associated, it is Body Chat app that allows you and your partner to enjoy sudden intimacy despite the distance that separates you (more on this in a few lines). The exterior of Max is very basic, which is a good thing, as it doesn’t reveal its final vocation. Either way, you will have a nice surprise when you open, because you will find a very flexible and delicate vagina reproduction. The sleeve is made using a soft and healthy TPR for the body. It has two control knobs for three vibration levels and three air pump levels if you want to control this manually. Max is about 17 cents deep, and the strongest vibrations are located towards the base of the Max, so that the vibration will be mainly felt at the highest point of the duct.

Of course, as with any other male masturbator, you should apply lubricant liberally before entering it.

The current update of the Max has a vent on the back that can be kept open to control suction and make it more comfortable during insertion. It also a softer and more elastic sheath, and a wider opening for better sensations. The air pumps create a rather pleasant feeling of suction which, added to the vibrations and movements of the Max, gives an incredible end result. However, one thing that we noticed is that the Max is overall quite noisy, so don’t forget that or the sound could be heard if your roommates or parents are in the area… In spite of this, Max does have some remarkable features, with for example the possibility to synchronize with music, with another Lovense sextoy or even enjoy adult movies in VR!
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Lovense Nora review

connected sextoysThe box of Lovense Nora contains: pink vibrator in the shape of a rabbit, type “G-spot” and produced in silicone and ABS plastic, a USB charging cord, a Bluetooth dongle and the user manual. Just like the Max, Nora has a built-in Bluetooth chip and can be combined with the same Lovense apps (which work on iOS, Android, Mac and PC). Nora is intended for stimulate your clitoris and G-spot, together or independently. The sex toy has two buttons located at the base of the device in case you need to control it manually. The vibrating arm stimulates the clitoris (three vibration patterns) while the rotating head gives pleasurable sensations at the G-spot (three speeds). I really like playing with the Nora and for that, I usually use the manual buttons on the vibrator. However, recently I’ve gotten to know the interface of the Lovense Body Chat app to the point where I’m starting to prefer local control of the sex toy to have fun with the app. Especially when I am separated from my partner.

I can also sync it with the music I have on my phone or just give my man full control of the Nora through the app, even if he’s far away from me.

By the way, Nora is completely waterproof, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it! I think that the shape of the Nora is really designed to fit most women, with its flexible silicone which offers good sensations. The main change that I would be happy to see in an update would be to include more levels of vibration. Indeed, sometimes I felt that I had to apply additional pressure with my hand on the vibrating arm to achieve the optimal result. But it is already an incredible product as it is!
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Synchronize the two sex toys with the Lovense Body Chat application

lovense sextoyA great feature of the Body Chat app is that two sex toys can connect to each other via the program available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Lovense is the only company I know of that can claim to have such connectivity! In addition, it is rather easy to set up. We downloaded the app, turned on the Bluetooth and had our sex toys connected in seconds. Like I said earlier, if your PC doesn’t have bluetooth, the bluetooth dongle included with your toy will solve this problem!
Also, the big plus is that once your Lovense sex toy is paired, you don’t have to reconfigure it each time you want to use it. It automatically appears as a paired device when you log into the app and turn on the vibrator. Easy ! It means that you and your partner can connect to each other in seconds every day, as long as you both use the same app! Moreover, good news for gay and lesbian couples, since the association of two Lovense sex toys is possible even if you both have Nora or Max. So what exactly does the app do? You can first remotely control your own toy by using the app and choosing different combinations of intensity levels between the vibrations and swivel capabilities of the Nora or the air pumps and vibration levels of the Max. Another function that we were both eager to find since we are music lovers: synchronize the vibrations with the music on your phone! Finally, the most exciting part: connection with your partner via the app is possible, regardless of the distance between you. One of you can let yourself be controlled or take control of the other’s Lovense sex toy, as long as you have an Internet connection. Typically, by controlling, you send the commands to your partner’s sex toy via the application, and the application transmits the requests to his sex toy via Bluetooth, which sets it in motion… Isn’t that fantastic? You can also move the sex toys together and react to each other’s movements to enjoy a real sex session from a distance! The Nora will record the woman’s movements and send the signals to the man’s Max, which will affect vibration and air pumps. Connecting with your partner is possible with or without video, since the app even includes a video chat option. But you can still use Facetime or Skype if you prefer. Either way, the Lovense app allows you tosend instant messages to your lover during your long distance sex sessions. Even if you can’t touch your lover in real life because the miles separate you, you can share a unique moment of intimacy with the Nora and the Max from Lovense. To try urgently!
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2) Lovense Lush test

lovense-lushThe Lush box includes the …

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