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Good news ! The Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 are now available. We invite you to click here to discover the review of the new versions. As I explained to you recently, connected sextoys for remote couples are more and more present. Today, let’s discover the products of the Kiiroo brand! To be honest, I have been Kiiroo for a long time and I confess that I was particularly looking forward to reviewing his offer for couples. Kiiroo is a company founded in April 2013 in Amsterdam that aims to connect long-distance relationships in a whole new way. Indeed, the main tools used take the name of “teledildonic”, that is to say devices communicating with each other by Bluetooth in order to bring real sexual intimacy at a distance. The big difference with other ways of having sex from a distance is that here you can actually feel each other’s movements in real time. This connection is made thanks to three crucial elements: the Kiiroo platform, the Onyx connected masturbator and the Pearl connected vibrator.
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I personally received a very discreet package including the two toys and I will give you my precise opinion on them. If you are looking for sextoys for couples in a long-distance relationship at very good value for money, I recommend you to discover those of Lovense! See the review.
Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx reviewBy the way, if you wish to find out more about Onyx and Pearl or order your toys, go to this page!


  • 1. The Kiiroo platform
  • 2. Pearl, for them
  • 3. Onyx, for them
  • 4. The notice of love at a distance
  • Conclusion

1. The Kiiroo platform

First of all, it is the Kiiroo platform which makes it possible to make the connection between the brand’s products. Very intuitive, clean and easy to use, the interface will allow you to access an online video chat with your partner. This software which exists for both Mac and PC (Windows 7 at least) with Bluetooth 4.0 (or separate Bluetooth dongle) and was created by a company specializing in the security of your data. So no worries on this point.
Kiiroo platform
Through this software you will be able to update and sync your devices, interact with your partner, but also take advantage of various more or less free options if you have an Onyx (webcams, movies, etc.). Once your device is connected via Bluetooth, you can then join or invite your partner to a chat using a six-character password. The chat room has a more intimate atmosphere than Skype or Facetime and allows you to access different features: microphone, camera, message, drawing (!), etc. There are still some problems and bugs related to his youth, but the technical team of Kiiroo is very responsive and attentive to its users.

2. Pearl, for them

kiiroo pearl review
The Pearl is a stylish vibrator and with a slight curve, ideal for stimulating the G-spot. The product is covered with a very soft, healthy and phthalate-free silicone. Of course, Pearl is water resistant and can be cleaned very easily. Inside the Pearl, there are five vibrating rings, which in addition to collecting information on movements and transmitting them to an Onyx, also receive movements since the update of November 18, 2015! Contents of the Pearl box:

  • Pearl (it’s better)
  • Storage box
  • Storage pouch
  • Micro usb cable to recharge (3 hours of charge for 1 hour of use)
  • Authentication card to retrieve the software online
  • Map referring to online manuals
  • Lubricant sample

As for its single player mode, all you have to do is press the main button for a few seconds in order to make a red light appear. This will then turn on the Pearl as well as its Bluetooth, in order to be used with another remote product. But if you press the button again you will then be entitled to five different rhythms : three continuous vibrations more or less intense, a jerky and slow rhythm, and finally a fast and strong pulsation.

3. Onyx, for them

kiiroo onyx review
Onyx is a masturbator for men with 10 rings which contract in rhythm or in response to the movement of a Pearl (for straight couples) or another Onyx (for gay couples). Kiiroo strongly emphasizes his partnership with the Fleshlight brand, world leader in the field of masturbators and which deals here with the inner membrane. Very clearly, the Dutch company wants to offer the best quality to its users. And this can be felt at the level of the experience: as with the Pearl, the result is soft and successful. However, it will be noted that its meticulous maintenance requires the acquisition of certain specific products on the online store so that the interior lasts as long as possible. The Onyx can be used in solo or two-player mode and the interior is easily detachable for cleaning. Contents of the Onyx box:

  • Onyx
  • Storage box
  • Micro usb cable to recharge (3 hours of charge for 1 hour of use)
  • Authentication card to retrieve the software online
  • Map referring to online manuals
  • Lubricant sample

The single player mode of the Onyx is made up of three different modes : a manual mode that consists of using the touchpad on the device to create contractions, fast movement and slow movement. Contrary to what one might think, the Onyx is not made to be moved up and down, but to remain stable. In addition, it should be emphasized the requirement to use lubricant to reduce friction and preserve the interior of the product, as well as the fact that it could be a little quieter.

4. The notice of love at a distance

It’s obvious that Kiiroo has done everything to satisfy long-distance couples. Classy, ​​aesthetic, efficient … With neat, clean and discreet designs (the red / white / black combination works wonderfully), we really have the feeling of dealing with high-end products and not manufactured in China. Truth be told, even the storage boxes are extremely discreet and modern. Everything is solid and has internal motors powerful enough to emit strong vibrations. The three elements when reunited offer an unrivaled remote sexual experience.
Pearl and Onyx by Kiiroo
Once together The Onyx and the Pearl reveal their full potential. We still regret that in terms of response, the Onyx receives much better movements that are not too fast. We hope that an update will solve this problem. The use is nonetheless pleasant once you take this into account and that we accept the new rules of the game. And the point is, it works whether you’re in the same room, in the same city, or tens of thousands of miles apart. Without any slowdown. While nothing can replace real, physical contact, here is a strong alternative for long distance relationships who would like to strengthen their intimacy, regardless of the kilometers. And for good reason, imagine coming back from a hard day at work or studying and being able to connect with your other half more than with words. You could just do that by Skype, over the phone or even by SMS, but here you have an instant and reciprocal connection in real time, which quickly makes you forget that you are so far away from each other. As such, it is an unprecedented leap forward for lovers from a distance!

The start of a new era for long-distance love?


Despite some imperfections and the fact that this type of sexual activity will not necessarily appeal to everyone, Kiiroo’s products are pleasant, very well finished and are well worth considering for a purchase. In fact, as intimacy is so important in a couple, such an investment represents much more than a simple purchase of sex toys. It is a rediscovered sexuality. The Onyx + Pearl pack is a bit expensive, but if you have the means then go for it. This worth the pain. It’s not easy to tell in advance if you will like the styles of Onyx and Pearl, if they will go perfectly with your habits or if you will need to adjust them. However, it is certain that Kiiroo is positioned among the best in its market and succeeds the feat of connecting thousands of couples in long distance relationships through its products.
If you want to order your Kiiroo products, then go here right away.
If, however, you are looking for cheaper remote couples sex toys, I highly recommend you check out Max and Nora from Lovense! Update : The Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 are out! Discover my opinion on this second generation of the Kiiroo couple’s set, in this review made in Love at a Distance by clicking here. – Guillaume

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