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Without technology, it would be infinitely harder to live in a long-distance relationship.
How would we manage to share a common life despite the kilometers? How would we communicate, share or interact together from afar? If you think about it, just a few decades ago, sending love letters and waiting forever for a response was the only method that couples in a long-distance relationship had to communicate, which is certainly very laborious. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine such a situation. It would be hell. Recent technological advances are simply a blessing that allows any couple today to envision a long-lasting and healthy long-distance relationship. Today we are very lucky to have all the important things we need to stay in touch with our loved ones, whether it be social media, text apps or video chat software. But it does not stop there. And since we never stop progress, each year dozens of new startups are created to help couples like yours to flourish despite geographic separation. Sometimes, the product is revolutionary (like Lovense and teledildonic toys). Sometimes it is primarily a WTF gadget (like Kissenger). So, in this article we will discover together 7 amazing and practical gadgets for long-distance couples, which just might help make your life as a couple more exciting!

Note: Keep in mind that not all of the gadgets mentioned here are for sale. Some are, but others are still in the prototype stage and need further development before being released to the market. Contents

  • 1. Pillowtalk (connected pillow)
  • 2. Teledildonics (connected sextoys)
  • 3. Kissenger
  • 4. Hug Shirt
  • 5. Special “long-distance relationship” applications
  • 6. Kalain
  • 7. Connected bracelets
  • 8. The Apple Watch
  • Interesting options for connected couples
    • Little personalized attention
    • The power of emoticons
    • Using your voice
  • The eye-catching perks behind its popularity
  • The main criticisms and limitations of the Apple Watch
  • Conclusion

1. Pillowtalk (connected pillow)

YouTube video

Sleeping alone is probably the most frustrating thing for someone in a long distance relationship.

Pillowtalk allows you to feel in real time the heartbeat and movements of your significant other at night, as if you were sleeping together. Your special bracelet connects to a box placed under your partner’s pillow in order to transmit your pulsations and vice versa. Result: you have the illusion of being together in the same bed… What could be more romantic than that?
More information : complete Pillow Talk review

2. Teledildonics (connected sextoys)

lovense max nora connected sextoys
There is a time for romance and a time for intimacy. Fortunately nowadays, a long-distance relationship no longer rhymes with a platonic relationship. And for that, you don’t have to go through sexting or naughty calls! Stop with the imagination and take action! Lovense’s connected sex toys allow you to share privacy in real time, even if you are several tens of kilometers apart! To absolutely discover.
More information : Lovense, Max and Nora review and Lush review

3. Kissenger

Whaaat? As strange as it may sound, Kissenger is a device that transmits your kiss if your partner kisses his at the same time. Indeed, these gadgets allow you to feel the lips of your other half wherever you are in the world. Intriguing, isn’t it?
More information : (Update) Unfortunately, the Kissenger project has been abandoned.

4. Hug Shirt

Sending kisses is good, but how far can you go? Well, Cutecircuit is not afraid to innovate and invented the first T-shirt to send and receive hugs from a distance.
Sensors are located all along the garment and detect touch, body temperature and heartbeat in order to transmit it all to your partner, thanks to the Bluetooth connection of your phones. Unfortunately, it seems that the product is no longer available at this time.
More information : Cutecircuit website

5. Special “long-distance relationship” applications

distance relation applicationAttention, here is a must. Would you like to have your own private social network reserved for your couple? It’s possible thanks to Avocado, Between or even Couple! These applications offer you all the classic functions of a social network (photos, videos, event, chat) and much more: lists, 0 advertisements, meetings, games, etc. If you have a smartphone, then don’t hesitate a second to add this gadget to your arsenal. You will feel much more connected to each other.
More information : The Best Apps for Long Distance Relationships

6. Kalain

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What if you could feel your partner’s presence around you despite the distance? The concept of Kalain is to allow you to fill the gap by transcribing as faithfully as possible the smell of the loved one. It’s quite expensive (560.00 € with delivery), but it is after all a high-end and totally personalized box.
More information : Kalain site

7. Connected bracelets

bond touch braceletFinally, here are some connected bracelets that will allow you to communicate remotely with your partner without having to use your phone or computer. The interest? Be within easy reach of the other. Simply configure your bracelets and go!
More information : Bond Touch and Hey Bracelet website

8. The Apple Watch

apple watch couple connects
Much more than just watch, theApple watch is definitely is one of the technological gadgets most coveted. Product enthusiasts Apple will appreciate without hesitation. And it is true that its benefits are numerous and diverse. This electronic gadget will certainly delight sportsmen among you, fans of technology and couples wishing to stay connected. In an increasingly busy daily life, the Apple Watch can definitely become a tool for keep contact with your sweet half.

Interesting options for connected couples

With its features and multiple options, the Apple Watch could invite itself into your relationship. couple and let you stay connected at all times.

Little personalized attention

Do you have to leave the house for a few days? Even though the physical distance separates you, this smart watch can let you feel very close one of the other. The Digital Touch option then becomes particularly interesting. It allows you to send a custom drawing or even to express your feelings for the loved one and share in a few seconds. How about receiving the real heartbeat of your lover in real time. And for that it is enough only to place two fingers on the screen for the watch to perceive your heart rate. We have to admit that there is a side romantic to all that. Nothing better for himself feel connected to the other even when the distance separates us.

The power of emoticons

The time is sometimes a scarce commodity in our busy days. For keep contact with the loved one, sometimes it is enough only to send a small emoticon and voila. Sometimes a simple small graphic symbol is enough to express a feeling or to replace a long sentence. You can then communicate with each other without having to stop your daily tasks. A solution quick and easy to stay in contact while saving time.
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Using your voice

To quickly send a message or reply to the last message received from your lover, no need to take out the phone. All you have to do is tilt your lips towards your wrist and whisper the message to send. Thus, for couples who need to communicate often to plan the family schedule, it is a quick and efficient method. Even though the voice commands also exist on the iPhone, it must be admitted that it is much more tempting to use it on your watch which is always handy.

The eye-catching perks behind its popularity

Let’s face it, the Apple Watch itself is a extension of his iPhone. Very convenient, this watch allows you to take advantage of several applications from his phone without having to take it out of his pocket. Here is a short list of its benefits:

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Of quick responses to his calls and texts
  • Function GPS ideal for runners (with speed, distance traveled, etc.)
  • Also allows find your way while walking or even cycling with a glance at the wrist
  • Reader heartbeat appreciated by sportsmen
  • Can be used as remote control to take a Photo with his iPhone, but remote (so you’ll always be ready for family photos)
  • Payments easy and fast via Apple Pay
  • Her water resistance allows to use it without problem during swimming with friends and workouts from swimming
  • And much more, like giving thehour for example !

apple-watch-digital touch

The main criticisms and limitations of the Apple Watch

Although this technology is very practical and appreciated by the great majority, it is …

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