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After reviewing the high-end connected sex toys from Kiiroo, I invite you to discover the products of Lovense, Max and Nora, dedicated to love from a distance! It is true that at a distance, the choices can be quite limited when it comes to sharing a sexuality. You can text, have sex on the phone or via Skype, but nothing replaces physical contact. This is where Lovense and its “teledildonic” (sextoys connected by the Internet) come in. Thanks to these adult toys, you might just be able to forget the distance for an evening, several times a month …
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  • 1. The concept
  • 2. Nora, for her
  • 3. Max, for him
  • 4. The notice of love at a distance
  • Conclusion

1. The concept

Lovense has developed and improved over time a couple of interconnected sextoys : Max, a masturbator and Nora, a vibrator. The great advantage of this pair of products is that they communicate fully together, thus providing a feeling of touch and proximity for both partnerswhether you are in different rooms, different cities or even different countries. How is it going ? Both toys have sensors that detect, receive and communicate movements with another sex toy. In short, if one plays with his sextoy, the other will feel the movements through his, and vice versa. Everything happens through the Body Chat application, which is very easy to use. In less than 10 minutes you can start having fun:

  • Both download the app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or your computer (Windows or Mac)
  • Connect the app to your sex toy respective Bluetooth. If you don’t have Bluetooth, that’s okay! A Bluetooth adapter comes free with your purchase to connect your computer.
  • Connect to the Internet and invite your partner via the app. It doesn’t matter if one is on their computer and the other is on their phone, compatibility is expected.
  • Once it’s done, you can take control of the other’s sex toy and start playing! The application also allows you to chat by message with your partner, even add video for even more fun. What to reinforce the immersion. In any case, you can only appreciate the fact that you simultaneously control your sex toys, as if the distance did not exist.

    The more the man shakes his Max up and down, the more Nora will react, creating a chain reaction.

    If you have the opportunity, to use the video at this time, it can be extremely sexy and alluring. Of course, we don’t have as much fun as in real life, but we get closer. Moreover, the sex toys can be used both solo and in male / female, male / male or female / female configurations. No matter the situation or the distance, teledildonics will react instantly and will bring you closer than ever. In addition, the application indicates the charge level of devices (including the USB charging cable is provided).

    2. Nora, for her

    nora from Lovense
    Nora is a vibrator that combines both vibration (point G) and rotation (clitoris) for maximum pleasure. The product is of excellent quality, very soft (hypoallergenic silicone), easy to clean, waterproof and glides effortlessly. The result is striking and we appreciate being able to separately change the speeds of rotation and vibration of the toy (4 levels), either via the buttons at the base of the product, or via the application. Or, you can let your other half do it… You can even synchronize the vibrations with a music of your choice! The vibrations could be more intense (and not just at the end of the vibrator), but the rotations more than compensate. Note also that if only vibration is used, Nora is very quiet. The same cannot be said for the rotation, whose mechanical sound will probably not go unnoticed if you have roommates.

    3. Max, for him

    max of lovense
    Max is a quality vibrator, designed for reproduce the sensations of a real vagina. The friction is done by pressure (via air pumps) and vibrations, controllable as for the Nora via buttons at the base of the product or the application. You can separately determine the pressure and vibration levels in solo (4 levels), let the music guide you or give control to your partner. The vibrations are not very strong, but constitute an appreciable originality compared to the competition. The air pump can be noisy, so avoid this if it is crowded in your home. Friend’s advice. Fortunately the finish is very good, hypoallergenic silicone is soft and pleasant, water resistant and the product is relatively easy to clean before and after each use. Be careful, the detachable membrane inside the cylinder may be too narrow for some men. If so, contact customer service, to resolve this issue and in any case, always use lubricant.

    4. The notice of love at a distance

    remote relationship sextoys review
    Less expensive than the sex toys offered by Kiiroo, Nora and Max are no less interesting. The devices are efficient, their design is successful, the level of interactivity is incomparable and the functionalities present will not be enough. references for distance relations pairs. Of course all is not rosy and some points deserve some improvements: vibrations of the Nora, lack of accessories (spare parts, maintenance, etc.), noise, partial translation and size of the Max. But in the end, Lovense offers us there an excellent service combining an ingenious design, trendy features (interactivity, waterproof, ease of use, remote control, power, USB charging, etc.) and quality materials. The result is final. The possibilities are limitless. Even if all is not perfect, this is a must have for long distance relationships who aren’t ready to break the bank to acquire Kiiroo products. Indeed, Lovense offers a service almost similar to Kiiroo, but about 40% cheaper. This actually the best value for money currently for long distance relations. However, if your budget is not limited, go for Kiiroo instead.


    No matter the miles, you only need a few minutes to connect and “have sex” remotely with your partner. What could be more intimate and complicit than that?
    Although it may seem strange at first, it is a unique and incomparable experience to share with the person you love. In short, here’s a new way to spice up your love from afar and to instantly connect to the desire of the other.
    👉 Click here to find out more or order your Lovense Max and Nora! You can also discover the Max + Nora review by the friends at Télédildonic.fr by clicking here. – Guillaume

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