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Even if you live in a long-distance relationship, the subject of sexuality should not be taboo. Regardless of the age of the partners. It doesn’t matter how old the couple is. It doesn’t matter the kilometers. Intimacy in a long distance relationship is just as crucial as it is in a regular relationship. The difference here comes in the way to express this intimacy. Say goodbye to physical contact, kissing, cuddling and… sex. From now on, the foundations of the couple are turned upside down. We give up taste, touch and smell, and we rely more than ever on our sight and our hearing. But then, can we still share intimate moments together from a distance? In other words, can you still make love with your partner?
Well, “technically”, no. (Although, as you will see in this article, technology seems more and more to destroy the barriers that can separate two beings.) But the primary interest in having sex with your other half is not so much to feel a intense physical pleasure through his senses. It is about much more than that. Otherwise why wouldn’t you do it yourself? It is share a unique moment combining vulnerability, trust and reciprocal love. so here’s 4 Ways To Make Love From A Distance which should keep you in tune and in harmony with your partner and your desires. These 4 tracks are classified in order from the most passive to the most fusional. The last one even allows you to exchange physically with your other half… Table of contents

  • 1. Sexto and mobile applications
  • 2. Phone sex
  • 3. Make Love via Skype
  • 4. Connected sex toys
  • Conclusion

1. Sexto and mobile applications

Sexting and long-distance relationship
Nowadays, it can be said without any hesitation that the sext has become commonplace. And it is not for nothing! The advantage of erotic texting is that it allows you to express your nastiest thoughts without going too far out of your comfort zone. Simple and effective, it gets straight to the point with minimal effort. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • Be creative and unsheathe your hotreview phrases (or … the rawest)
  • Season these with one or more photos on Snapchat where you are more or less dressed and more or less in an evocative position
  • Wait for your partner’s response
  • Raise the temperature!
  • Find out more: The Art of Sexting for Couples: How to Make Love by SMS

    2. Phone sex

    Phone sexWe go to the next level by adding voice to words, for a set conducive to the expression of the most intimate fantasies. Indeed phone sex is more about the imagination than the other alternatives. In this situation, it is up to each partner to describe what he / she is wearing, what he / she takes off, his / her position, his / her desires or what he / she would do to the other, etc.
    Even if it means distorting reality and adding layers to fill its half!
    So we close our eyes and let ourselves be guided by the whisper of the loved one… Find out more: How To Make Love On The Phone? 7 Crucial Steps

    3. Make Love via Skype

    SkypeNo more fine words, we take action. Skype is undoubtedly the most convenient free video conferencing tool for having fun face to face. This time the gesture is mixed with the word and you can contemplate live the realization of your desires, without having to describe everything. Get ready for the date (outfit, hairstyle, makeup, etc.), make sure everything is working out properly, and let’s go! To spice it up, you can find “naughty dice” or “Truth or Dare” style applications on the Internet that will allow you to launch yourself into small erotic challenges. But before make sure your bedroom door is locked ! Find out more: Remote Skype Sex: 4 Things to Know About

    4. Connected sex toys

    lovense max nora connected sextoys
    They are called Kiiroo or Lovense, and they are coming. For our greater good… Connected sextoys (also called teledildonic sextoys) are not simple sextoys. Indeed, these make it possible to exchange in real time the movements made from and to another toy. In other words, you will precisely “feel” the movements of your other half and vice versa. Add to that the integrated videochat or Skype and you have the absolute solution for REALLY make love from a distance. FYI, several product ranges exist with prices ranging from € 150 to € 500 for a pair of sex toys. An investment that can be really worth it, especially if your long-distance relationship is to last a long time. Find out more: The 5 Best Connected and Remotely Controlled Sex Toys


    You no longer have any excuse not to share intimate moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend from a distance. However, if you have the feeling that your partner is reluctant to have sex at a distance, it may be a problem with desire. In this case, I recommend that you read the article I published on this subject by clicking here. – Guillaume

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