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Facebook Twitter + Reddit Email La Lovense Domi is a wand connected. That is to say, an ultra-powerful clitoral vibrator, which can be controlled remotely, via a smartphone.
Lovense Domi - connected sex toys
The purpose of a connected vibrating egg, like the Lush, from the same brand, or a connected sex toy to wear in the panties, like the We Vibe Moxie, is obvious. But with a connected “magic wand” vibrator, we wonder more about the goal. Is this of real interest? Let’s see what this machine is preparing for us. So here is our Lovense Domi wand test. Buy from SexyAvenue

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Packaging of the sex toy

The packaging is a cardboard box, solid, with foam for padding.
Packing the vibrator
No storage accessories is provided. For a sex toy that still costs a hundred euros, it’s a bit tight.

Look of the Lovense Domi

La Domi is a wand quite small, colored black. Like all clit magic wands, it looks suspiciously like a microphone.
Packaging of the sex toy

Texture and materials

The Lovense Domi is covered with silicone. They are rigid, but their surface is soft, and their necks flexible.

Feeding the Lovense Domi

The Lovense Domi is recharged using a cable Usb. This one has a jack end, that we plant in a hole at the base of the sextoy.
The Lovense Domi and its charging cable

The control buttons of the Lovense Domi wand

La Domi has only 3 intensity levels, adjustable with its two buttons. It may not seem like much. But the intensities of these three modes are configurable, Passing by the app of the sextoy. It’s a bit of a strange choice: a wheel beast on the toy, for example, would probably have been more practical. However, being able to configure the intensities of the vibration stages has a nice side. I am mixed. This is obviously not the sole purpose of this application. But I will tell you more about it in the next paragraph.
Lovense Domi connected vibro

Controlling the Lovense Domi with a smartphone

The Lovense Domi is a connected sextoy, that is, it can be controlled from a smartphone. But you can also configure its offline operation through this.

Lovense Remote

The app that lets you control the Domi via a smartphone is called Lovense Remote. It is the same for all the brand’s connected sex toys. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App store, and all of its features are free. “Still happy that you don’t have to pay extra when you’ve just bought a sex toy that is quite expensive!”, You might say to me… But not all brands are of this opinion. This app allows you to control the sextoy, connected via Bluetooth, if you are the person wearing it, or if you are nearby. This is the “short distance” mode. But we can also entrust orders to a long-distance partner. For this, the smartphone must of course have access to the internet. Before you can use it, the app asks you to create an account, with an email address and a password. No connection to any social network, and that’s a good thing because it will prevent false manipulation.

Short distance

The mode “short distance” offers five ways to control the Lovense Domi:
The Lovense appThe Lovense app

  • Remote control : with your smartphone, you can control the variations in the intensity of the vibrations of the sex toy in real time.
  • Alarm : the sex toy wakes you up by vibrating. For a vibrating egg like the Lush, this idea may be tempting, but with a clitoral wand, it’s not practical.
  • Music : the sex toy vibrates to the rhythm of the music of your choice.
  • His : the sex toy reacts to ambient noise, or to your voice.
  • My models : to record personalized vibratory sequences, or use those you have created or downloaded previously.

Long distance

In the mode “long distance”, you can have several partners if you wish, and you can add or remove contacts at any time. To add your other half, or your sex friend, or your neighbor, just send them an invitation. To do this, you will need to know his nickname. Indeed, research by email is not allowed. Otherwise, it would be too easy to enter all the email addresses in your directory at random, in order to determine which, among your contacts, is a little rascal! The fact that Lovense considered this ruse and mentioned it seems, again, to demonstrate some attention to confidentiality. With Lovense Remote in Long Distance mode, you can switch between video and voice calls, send some messages, Pictures, of vibration sequences, and entrust the controls of your sextoy to your interlocutor, or to take orders of his.
ultra-powerful connected vibrator

Our opinion on the Lovense Remote app

Controlling the Lovense Domi via a smartphone is generally well designed. The latency of the remote control mode is very low, and the sex toy has no trouble keeping up with the pace when it is guided by ambient sound or a piece of music. We regularly hear about hacking of connected sextoys, with recently, the connected chastity cage kidnapper of penises. What about the security of the Lovense Remote app? In any case, the privacy policy is quite detailed, it inspires confidence. While this obviously does not guarantee that it is infallible, it shows us that the brand has in any case been seriously concerned with questions of security and of data confidentiality.

Lovense Connect: the app for camgirls

A second app, Lovense Connect, is intended for camgirls and camboys. It can also be found on Google Play and the App store. The brand offers a user tutorial. This requires installing a specific web browser on the PC, or even a Chrome extension (a few hacks are necessary). Then, it will suffice to refer to the instructions of your cam platform favorite. Regarding compatibility, the official Lovense website mentions the following platforms: Cam4, Chaturbate, CamSoda, MyFreeCams, Flirt4Free, Stripchat, EuroLive, MyFetishLIVE, BongaCams, Naked and Camplace. I did not try. My brief discovery of Chaturbate as an amateur model was fun, but I admit I was lazy to try the experience again, with or without Lovense sex toy. Note: on Google Play, we see a third app called “Lovense”, with a logo representing a strawberry. Please note: this has absolutely nothing to do with the brand of connected sex toys. We didn’t risk installing it.”lazy” class =”wp-image-73497 size-full” title = ‘Results for “Lovense” on Google Play ‘src =”https://www.objetsdeplaisir.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/xlovense-google-play.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ZFd3yHQbKP.jpg” alt = ‘Results for “Lovense” on google play’ width=”508″ height=”252″ >Results for “Lovense” on Google Play. The third app has no connection with the brand of connected sex toys. We didn’t risk installing it, but it looks like it’s some sort of dating app that’s trying to confuse it into selling its paid membership.

Effectiveness of the Lovense Domi

I’ve read here and there that the Lovense Domi is more powerful than ultra-nagging corded vibrators like the Doxy. This is not the case: let us not exaggerate either. That said, in terms of sensations, the Lovense Domi still defends itself very well. At full power, she vibrates really very loudly, with vibrations that spread in depth. But it will also be interesting for sensitive clits, because the lowest intensity level is very soft. However, the Domi has a big drawback. Indeed, if you want to use the wand solo, without a smartphone, you will have to be satisfied with three levels of intensity – configurable of course, but not modifiable in full action. The transition is therefore a bit abrupt. Gold, while we masturbate, with a vibrator in one hand, do we really want to have to hold and manipulate a smartphone with the other hand to be able to gradually adjust the power? In short, for solo masturbation, the lack of manual controls is pretty bad. It was during a two-person use that this sextoy finds all its interest. Well, you have to play the game, because unless you have a specific accessory to keep a vibrator in place, it is still the person who has the sex toy against his clit (or his penis, for that matter) who holds it in hand. But indulge in the pleasure of vibrations of the Lovense Domi while his or her partner controls the variations of intensity has a frankly pleasant side.

Lovehoney's Tokidoki Unicorn Vibrator, Lovense Domi and MantricLovehoney’s Tokidoki Unicorn Vibrator, Lovense Domi and Mantric.

Conclusion on the Lovense Domi

The good points:

  • The Lovense Domi is a very powerful clitoral vibrator.
  • It turns out very fun for two-person games.
  • TheLovense Remote app is well designed.

The bad people…

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